Thursday, March 7, 2013

Three Things Thursday

Well, hello there, Thursday. It was a short week for me, thanks to a mini-vacay last weekend and a snow day on Tuesday. More weeks should be three-day work weeks, don't you think?

1. Today is National Cereal Day. Though I had to break up with most of my old favorite cereals (suddenly the blog title makes more sense, no?), I've developed an unhealthy love of Chocolate Chex. Any GF cereals that are rocking your world?

2. Tickets are now on sale for the University of Chicago's Spring Flours benefit. Unless I somehow inherit a fairy godmother between now and then, I'll be skipping it this year, but this gluten-free gala comes highly recommended - and the proceeds go to my favorite research center, so there's that. If you have the funds, and are looking for a delicious good time, check it out.

3. I think I discovered the root of my feeling crummy the last few weeks - and I'm pretty sure suffering, thy name is oatmeal. Even though I picked up a GF brand, some studies are showing that a small percentage of celiacs just can't tolerate oats. So eating a couple packets, several times a week, may NOT have been the best idea. Here's hoping that's the answer ... otherwise, back to the doctor for this kid.

1 comment:

  1. I'm about to eat a bowl of Chocolate Chex, too. That stuff is crack. Good luck with cutting out oatmeal. I've done that too and found that there's a whole world of GF hot cereals out there—you got your cream of buckwheat, your brown rice farina, your Bob's "mighty tasty" mixed cereal, and that's not even getting into quinoa flakes, which I haven't tried yet. Unfortunately they're harder to come by in the little instant packets.