Thursday, March 21, 2013

Three Things Thursday

Wow, it's been one heckuva week around these parts. So, in light of yesterday's controversy, here are three things that should make us all feel warm and fuzzy.

1. The Gluten & Allergen Free Expo will be here in Chicago (well, technically Schaumburg) next month, so go ahead and get your tickets! I'll be there as an official blogger, but even if I wasn't going to be part of the GFAF Expo team, I'd still be going - seriously, so much gluten-free swag, it will make your little celiac hearts burst, in a good way.

2. My friends over at WEGO are urging health activists to blog in their Writer's Month Challenge in April. I signed up to participate, and I really hope I can make all 30 posts. Not familar with WEGO Health? Make sure to check them out, as well as all their Health Activist Award finalists (hey look! You've already visited one!). You just might learn something!

3. And, finally (because who doesn't love animals being cute?) here's some gratuitous Lola adorableness.

She's an old soul. An old, furry soul who likes to chase ice cubes.

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