Monday, April 15, 2013

HAWMC Day ... Oh, Screw It

All through April, I was supposed to be participating in WEGO Health's Health Activist Writer's Month Challenge. It was supposed to be 30 days of activisty content.

But, instead of being in addition to my usual posts, it overtook my usual posts. The past couple weeks, I haven't had too much stuff to talk about, so I was totally fine with prompt-driven posts. But this week, some exciting things are happening, and they deserve to be the focus - things like the party that is my first colonoscopy (I was going to live Tweet, but that might be too much even for me) and my Christmas - the GFAF Expo.

So, to keep the spirit of HAWMC going, here's a five-cent tour of the topics for Days 14-20:

 Day 14 - Spread the Love: There's some awesome activists out there. You can check out my Pretty Rad Reads for great gluten-free bloggers, or visit WEGO's site to cheer on other health activists.

Day 15 - Sharing: I dropped the ball on finding a guest poster, so instead, I'm just going to share a few random, non-celiac facts about me. 1) I once interviews Bobby Flay for the newspaper I used to work at. 2) I hate raw onions. SO MUCH. 3) I once accidentally gave my sister a black eye while I was dancing. Dangerous on the dance floor indeed.

Day 16 - Misinformation: Three truths and a lie style, celiac edition: 1. Having celiac means your whole dietary life has to change (Truth). 2. Celiac is an autoimmune disease, so it can affect more than just your gut (Truth). 3. You can have celiac disease and never have any gastro issues at all (Truth, but sadly, not the case for me). 4. A little bit of gluten won't hurt you (LIE).

Day 17 - Wordless Wednesday: How happy I am eating GF food.

Day 18 - "I take it back!"/Lashing out: Yikes. This one is tricky, because I have a pretty short temper (but I'm getting better!). I would say I take back all the things I threw at my poor, dear husband the first time we cleaned my pantry and kitchen out when I went gluten free. I hurled box after box of things I once loved and could no longer eat. I didn't break anything, but Luke is lucky he's a good ducker.

Day 19 - Vintage: Here is an old picture of Luke and I. It's from a NYE party we threw like 7 or 8 years ago. I was pretty sick, but we didn't know why.

Day 20 - Burnout: So, what puts me in the pit of despair? Not as much does now as did a year ago. I get sad when I have to cancel plans because I'm feeling particularly gross. I get a little depressed when I see commercials for old favorite restaurants. Some days, I'm just tired of having to think about every. single. thing. that goes in my mouth or comes in contact with my body. When I have those days, the best thing I can do is distract myself - either with a project, or a book, or a GF cupcake.


  1. You are going to LOVE the expo. I went for the first time last April!! So much fun, so much food, and so many incredible people. Sadly it's "Crazy April" and I couldn't make it down again because of grad school. Enjoy! Looking forward to hearing about your finds.

  2. #1. Dangerous on the Dance Floor may or may not have been my favorite song in like 4th grade. Musto & yeah.

    #2. As for Day #20. It gets better. Seriously. I've been gluten free what feels like forever and I barely think about the things I can no longer eat (like old favorite restaurants) and what you can eat becomes second nature. Yes, there's always that precaution you take when eating out and shopping, but looking at ingredient lists and asking questions are things I do without even realizing it. It becomes less of a struggle and more of a habit or just life in general. Luckily today there are a lot more options for gluten free stand-ins, so it's not all bad!