Thursday, May 23, 2013

Three Things Thursday

Happy Thursday, my gluten-free lovebugs. Hope everyone has awesome plans for the holiday weekend. My plans include a lot of getting my nerd on. And now that my grill is fixed, eating a lot of barbecue. Yum.

1. There is still time to enter my mini-giveaway from last week, and my Mrs. Glee's giveaway. Just comment on the respective posts to get entry. And make sure you leave your e-mail, so if you win I can reach you!

2. A big THANK YOU to everyone who rallied last week to get Disney to pull the episode of Jessie that promoted bullying off the air. I'm really proud of my community for putting our collective feet down and showing that we will not let that kind of nonsense fly.

3. If you are an online shopper, Amazon has some great deals on gluten-free food to celebrate Celiac Awareness Month. They have a pretty big variety, so it's a good chance to try some new goodies!

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