Thursday, May 9, 2013

Three Things Thursday

Gee whiz, gluten-freers, have I got a ton to share with you. Great new products, two restaurant reviews ... too bad none of them are happening today. I've just *sigh* been too busy to recap. I've been too busy for lots of things. Like laundry. And dishes. First world problems, amirite?

1. Since I'm a librarian AND a celiac, I figure I've got pretty good insight into awesome, gluten-free books. So when Gluten Is My Bitch showed up at my door yesterday, I was pretty enthusiastic. I was not wrong. I only took down about half of the book last night before giving in to the seamy mistress that is the bubble popping game, but I loved it. If you like snark, pick up April's book, and check out her blog.

2. I was hanging out over at Taste Guru last week as a guest blogger. Check out my post about gluten-free on the go here.  After you read my piece, spend some time browsing the site. Not only do they send out butt-kicking monthly boxes, they have a ton of great articles on living gluten free. And marketing guru Laura is probably the most adorable person ever.

3. J is doing her Life In & Empowering Through Photos series again this year. Check out the gratuitous nerd pics of me from my post on May 6. Yeah. There's also cupcake shots and my dog as a squirrel.

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  1. I have read few of them. Though it is been so long but i still remember few of the stories. But thanks for sharing these books here.