Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Congrats to Red Apple!

Get ready for some gushing. I will start this out by saying that while I have been comped some Red Apple product before, I still willingly hand over real monies for RAL products. I believe so strongly in this company that I bought my first giveaway ever from them, out of pocket. I know I'm always skeptical when bloggers gush, because I feel like they're just freebie pirates, but honestly, I wouldn't post nearly as much about RAL as I do if I didn't genuinely love them.

I like make-up. I like rooting for the little guy. And I like when good things happen to good people.

So when I found out that the team at Red Apple Lipstick just won Best GF Cosmetic Brand from GFREEK, I was thrilled for them. It's a pretty huge deal that this small, husband & wife operation beat out some big companies. To me, it means that people are starting to vote, not only for awards like GFREEK gives out, but with their money, for companies that have an interest in selling high-quality, awesome products with the consumer's health in mind.

I don't have kids yet, but this is akin to the feeling I imagine I'll get when they get on the honor roll. So why do I feel like such a proud parent? I feel like a total hipster saying this, but I was way into Red Apple before they won this mega fab award, so if that doesn't give me GF cosmetic street cred, I don't know what does.

A little bit about Red Apple: Not only are all of the products gluten-free, they are also paraben-free and vegan. Right now, just lip and eyeshadow products are available, but I'm hoping (begging?) for more soon. Not celiac? You should STILL check them out. My non-GF little sister picked up some gloss and loves it. There you go, RAL. Teenage girl seal of approval.

My RAL collection. Loves.
And yeah, there are a lot of great GF products out there, and I don't compose love ballads to all of them (except Sweet Ali's). What makes RAL special to me is that the folks behind the brand are just so dang nice. They have been so encouraging to bloggers, like moi, and have donated to people in need (the campaign they recently did to help a celiac in need was, for lack of a better term, Kleenex-worthy). After meeting Andrea once at the GFAF Expo in 2012, she recognized me ON SIGHT a couple months ago, and remembered the first lip color she sold me (Strawberry Fields, in case you were wondering). Since that first meeting, my RAL arsenal has grown, and I will continue to encourage folks to check out this amazeballs company.

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  1. YOU are Amazeballs!! Thank you for such sweet words. And you totally have some serious GF cosmetics street cred for sure! :) Thanks Alissa!!