Thursday, March 13, 2014

Three Things Thursday: The "I'm Hungry" Edition

Okay, so I'm hungry. Like, all the time lately. This is a good thing, because between two sinus infections, the stress of running a show and switching some medications, I've been having to force myself to eat for the past few weeks. Then, a couple days ago, I wake up and boom! Appetite back. Why do I have a feeling that the 15 pounds I've lost since Christmas will be coming back?

Anyway, here's three things I will be nomming. Or want to nom. You know.

1.PACZKI!!!:  ZOMG, guys. So I've been mourning the loss of my beloved paczki for three Fat Tuesdays now, wishing and hoping that someone, somewhere could re-create this fried yumminess for the GF set. Lo and behold, by dreams have come true. Gluten-free bakery Celiac Specialties in Michigan have caught lightning in a bottle and created this Polish specialty. My darling sister, who is getting married in about a week, sent this deliciousness my way. Raspberry filled and covered in powdered sugar, this is the opposite of all of the things I should be eating. But since I haven't had one in forever, I didn't feel too guilty.

2. Pei Wei's Vietnamese Chicken Salad Rolls: We found Pei Wei last year, and though it's not super close to my house, it's one of the few "fast" options I feel comfortable with. It's a spin-off of P.F. Chang's, and they are pretty good with GF. It's great to be able to get quick Chinese if I really want it. My new favorite thing is the chicken salad rolls - I'm really hoping to be able to re-create them at home one of these days. I guess it's good that I have to drive 20 minutes each way to get those bad boys, because I'm pretty sure I would otherwise spend ALL of my money on them. 

3. Grilled food: Yeah, so this winter has been an absolute beast. Usually, we don't let a little bit of snow stop us from firing up the grill, but sadly, we've not had just a little bit of snow. I was so excited at the beginning of the week because it was melting to the point that I could finally *see* the grill again, but it didn't last long, as Wednesday morning's thundersnow covered everything back up again. Le sigh.


  1. Celiac Specialties is THE. BEST! They really know how to make a great gluten free baked good! I had no idea they made paczkis. Next year for sure I might have to check them out!

  2. I’m glad you found some good food options. Thanks for sharing them with everyone. I hope the snow clears soon and you get to crank up your grill.

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