Thursday, April 3, 2014

Three Things Thursday

It's April, which should mean spring around these parts, but I'm still sporting my winter coat. Blerg. But whether or not the weather cooperates, there's some awesome things in the pipeline this month, including:

1. GFAF Expo: In just over a week, some of the greatest gluten-free fun will be happening right here in Chicagoland. My ticket giveaway ended yesterday, but some of my friends' are still going strong, so go visit Gluten-Free Betsy and Frannycakes to enter. Or, to buy tickets, just head to and use the code BLOGCHI to get 35% off. All sales pitches aside, this is a great chance to get to try a lot of cool GF food before purchasing, to hang out with some fun folks and to get to wander aisles of safe goodies. I'll be hanging out at the Udi's booth on Saturday, and with my friends at Red Apple Lipstick on Sunday. Come say hi!

2. Easter: We don't do a religiousy celebration, but we do decorate eggs, watch old Easter cartoons and do a Mystery Science Theater-esque viewing of Charlton Heston in The Ten Commandments. And did I mention Peeps are gluten free? Even the new flavors? Like Orange Creme and Chocolate dipped? I'm just going to leave that right there for you all.

3. C2E2: I can't believe it's time for C2E2 again already. It feels like I was just strapping up my holsters to cosplay as Black Widow, and now it's upon us again. I plan on going at least one of the days, but probably not dressing up at all. Who knows, though, I do love a cosplay. This year, I'll be spending all of my money on Doctor Who t-shirts, I fear.

Bonus: No colonoscopy or EGD this year. Woooot! Hope your April is shaping up to be as awesome!


  1. A good list of things to look forward to, i like it! My April hasn't been going this awesome though, work is just too much and i am thinking of resigning and we have to shift houses too! Its going to be eventful to say the least!

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