About Me

Let's just say it. Celiac disease sucks. It's hard to be a wheat-free wonder in this gluten-filled world. Especially if you live ... err, used to live ... on carbs and sunshine.

I was diagnosed in February 2012 after suffering gross and stupid symptoms for most of my life. As thrilled as I was to find out my problem wasn't just an overactive imagination, I hated to say goodbye to some of my favorite (okay, most of my favorite) foods. It turns out, I could either cry about celiac, or I could laugh. I chose laugh (usually).        

Alissa Raschke-Janchenko

Writer, blogger and CGFN (chief gluten-free nommer) of Breaking Up with Captain Crunch

Questions, comments, concerns? Have a great gluten-free tip or product I just have to try? E-mail me at divinemissliss@gmail.com, Tweet me at @divinemissliss or find me on Facebook!


  1. Hi Alissa! I love the name of your blog. It's super funny + smart. Keep on writin' and staying well.

    Much love,


  2. Hi Alissa, Please let me know how you actually overcame the desire to eat captain crunch!!