Gluten-Free Gluttons

If dining out was an Olympic sport, I'd probably at least get bronze. Here's some of the Chicago-area places I've tried since going gluten-free. Have a suggestion? Let me know!

Mon Ami Gabi

Glen Prairie

P.F. Chang's

More P.F. Chang's


Weber Grill

Capital Grille

White Chocolate Grill

Cheeseburger in Paradise


  1. I dont know if Ruby Tuesday is in your area but they are very nice and have a good menu! love the blog!!!!

  2. Girl and the Goat! I went ther my birthday and they have a gf menu that also highlights things that can be cross contaminated. Plus, they have the most amazing freshly baked gf bread!!!

  3. Just figured I would post since you have it on here- I went to Mon Ami Gabi in November, and while I am new to explaining the needs of a celiac to waiters, I feel I got my point across. Apparently not well enough though, I ordered a french onion soup that they gave me regular bread in. I was sick for days. Not pleasant. However, I would recommend checking out Wildfire if you haven't yet- they do an AMAZING job!

  4. LYFE Kitchen in River North and Streeterville has a GF menu and their food is delicious! I highly recommend.